3 Facts you Should Know About Butter

Cookies is a cake that was made without yeast. Cookies was made with simple ingredients, there are butter, flour, and eggs. To make the dough easy to shape, the dough needs to be cooled down before. The taste from cookies is pure the combination from butter and sugar, so people don’t need a favour to adjust the taste. In general, to enrich the taste people use some garnish like choco chips or raisins. Danisa Butter Cookies is the traditional cookies that you can eat with your family.

Even, the cookies were made from simple ingredients, the taste is so yummy. To make a tasty cookies, for sure we should choose the good ingredients. Butter is one of the main ingredients to make the cookies. Here are the things we should know about the butter;

  • Fat Content

Butter is the material that was made from a fermentation of milk. Butter have about 80% fat content. The amount of fat is affect to the dough and the taste of food. 

  • Types of Butter

In European, there are two types of butter. Cultured butter and uncultured butter. The cultured butter is made from cream that was fermentation by good bacteria. The uncultured butter is made from stirred cream. People know this butter as a sweet cream butter. Another types of butter is light butter. Light butter is kind of butter that have more water content than fat content. This butter, usually used as a spread.

  • How to Treat the Butter

As we know, the butter can melt easily when placed at room temperature. To defend the butter from melting, we should have to store the butter at refrigerator. Beside melting easily, butter easily adsorbs the odor in refrigerator. Prevent this problem, wrap the butter in plastic is one of the solutions. 

There are some facts about butter. Danisa butter cookies, is a traditional cookies that was made from premium ingredients. 

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